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         The goal of CURIOUS?attire is to educate and raise interest in the sciences. The designs are meant to provoke others to think, rather than just display science as textbook pictures on a t-shirt. To this end, there is a rather large set of scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs being investigated for their accomplishments. These investigations lead to many other thoughts, some incorporated into artistic pursuits. The next few works in line are studies that involve the lives of Leonardo Da Vinci, Marie Curie, Elijah McCoy and William Herschel. These investigations are evolving to include others.
         Influences of Life invade The Mind and the depictions relating to these events form barricades around the opportunities to investigate prominent historical figures. Many of the thoughts traversing the concourses of neural synapses appear as designs in unexpected proclivity and spontaneity. These visions are accomplished as rapidly as possible. To date, they remain largely out of control. The Round To It is achieving a couple of adaptations. Some representation of Paradox nears completion. There are a few volleys into the Genetic Modification Debate. Occasional mental trips to the outer reaches of the Universe or minutiae of Quantum Mechanics has revealed a few inspirations about Physics. Occasional forays into creative writing expands "Notes From The Void", but I have yet to formulate new documents in the series, let alone attach all of the previous ones. Gainful employment and opening time to contract works has inhibited the pace of these developments to some degree.
         In the virtual realm of Babble Boulevard, there is forward movement but the goals seem to remain at a distance quite like the horizon. That is to say, no matter how long one travels the road, the completion of the goal always seems to be at the same point in the future; rather distant. In this the great computer age the CURIOUS? attire database continues to be a cardboard box serving as a collection of processed orders, haphazardly strewn paper scraps with scribbles and barely legible post-it notes. Due to this degree of organization and other reasons, the database is not for sale, never will be and kept quite confidential. Actually, mostly lost.
        Opening efforts to local craft fairs has proven to be interesting and has created exponential changes in how to divide my time in developing the CURIOUS?attire concept. It is a new and welcome dilemma. In order to attach a shopping cart so a wider realm of individuals could investigate the opportunity for purchasing the shirts, I had to sustain a new type of education into web design, understanding new softwares and banking procedures. Not an education I wanted to have, but nonetheless enlightening.
        Some people have had difficulty navigating this site, but, like the work that is presented here, I hope to evolve the site wholly unique from the common display. If you haven't figured it out yet, Navigation Buttons have a yellow background. Besides, if you're not a curious person, then you likely will not enjoy this site (Answers in science don't come all that easy either).
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